Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Working with Client-Side Xml Data Islands via Server-Side ASP.NET code

Client-side Xml Data Islands and databinding have been around with Internet Explorer for a long time - way before .NET came on the scene. They have many useful purposes, including working with Exchange data via WebDAV, and being able to use a client-side Xml Data Island as the source for an XslTransform that displays data. The major issue with ASP.NET is how to get the Xml into the page. That's where it can become troublesome for ASP.NET developers. How do I get my data on the server, the way I normally would with ASP.NET, and then bind it to an Xml DataIsland so it's available on the client?

There are a number of techniques available for doing this; and Peter A Bromberg shows one simple way with which we could experiment further in this article...

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