Friday, September 23, 2011


SQL# is your QUICKEST and EASIEST way to extending the power of T-SQL in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and newer!

You can be more productive in just three easy steps:
1) Download the SQL# script
2) Run the SQL# script
3) Use SQL# functions and procedures

The following are the free functions available with SQL# now:

Current FREE functions:

  • String: Contains, Count, Cut, EndsWith, Equals, IndexOf, InitCap, IsNumeric, Join, LastIndexOf, Newline, NthIndexOf, PadLeft, PadRight, Replace, Split, SplitIntoFields, StartsWith, Trim, WordWrap

  • RegEx: CaptureGroup, Escape, Index, IsMatch, Matches, Match, MatchLength, MatchSimple, Replace, Split, Unescape

  • Math: CompoundAmortizationSchedule, Constant (30 physics constants), Convert (22 measurement conversions), Cosh, CubeRoot, Factorial, IsPrime, RandomRange, Sinh, Tanh, Truncate

  • Date: Age, BusinessDays, DaysInMonth, DaysLeftInYear, Extract, FirstDayOfMonth, FormatTimeSpan, FromUNIXTime, FullDateString, FullTimeString, GetDateTimeFromIntVals, GetIntDate, GetIntTime, IsBusinessDay, IsLeapYear, LastDayOfMonth, NewDateTime, NthOccurrenceOfWeekday, ToUNIXTime, Truncate

  • InterNet: AddressToNumber, HTMLDecode, HTMLEncode, IsValidIPAddress, NumberToAddress, URIDecode, URIEncode, URIEncodeData, URIGetInfo, URIGetLeftPart

  • Miscellaneous: CRC32, Deflate, GenerateDateTimeRange, GenerateDateTimes, GenerateFloatRange, GenerateFloats, GenerateIntRange, GenerateInts, GetDirectoryName, GetFileName, GetRootDirectory, GUnzip, GZip, Hash, HashBinary, Inflate, IsValidCC, IsValidCheckRoutingNumber, IsValidConvert, IsValidPostalCode, IsValidSSN, ToWords (i.e. translate a number into word representation: 150 = One Hundred and Fifty)

  • Database: BulkCopy, BulkExport, ForEach (combined ForEachDB and ForEachTable), HTMLExport, XOR

  • Convert: BinaryToHexString, DateTimeToMSIntDate, FromBase64, HexStringToBinary, HtmlToXml, MSIntDateToDateTime, ROT13, ToBase64, UUDecode, UUEncode

  • LookUps: GetCountryInfo (i.e. ISO info), GetStateInfo (i.e. ISO info)

  • Internal: Version, Help, Setup, Uninstall, GrantPermissions, IsUpdateAvailable, SetSecurity, WebSite

  • Operating System: EventLogRead, EventLogWrite, GenerateTone, MachineName, Uptime

  • Twitter: BlockUser, CreateFavorite, DestroyDirectMessage, DestroyFavorite, DestroyStatus, FollowUser, GetBlocks, GetFavorites, GetFollowers, GetFriends, GetFriendsTimeline, GetHomeTimeline, GetMentions, GetMessages, GetPublicTimeline, GetRetweetedBy, GetRetweetedByMe, GetRetweetedToMe, GetRetweets, GetRetweetsOfMe, GetSentMessages, GetStatus, GetUser, GetUserTimeline, Retweet, SendDirectMessage, UnBlockUser, UnFollowUser, Update, xAuth

  • User-Defined Aggregates: GeometricAvg, Join, Median, Random, RootMeanSqr

  • User-Defined Types: FloatArray, HashTable, NVarcharArray
Download  the PDF manual