Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eclipse TFS Plugin Source control issue

At times when working with Team explorer, connecting to TFS Server from Eclipse studio can be a painful experience. Assume that you are working in a project and the source code is controlled from TFS server. Every changes are checked id and you are good for the day.

Next day you open the Eclipse studio ready to work on your project and notice that your project is not getting connected to TFS server (though all internet connectivity and your TFS server is up). You notice from the “Team” menu (right click your project to find this menu) that all command of TFS are disabled but “Return online…”. Clicking “Return online…” You will notice a window shows up displaying progress trying to connect to TFS server to associate source control binding to your project but fails in the first attempt but still continues and then displays the projects you have permission on. You select the project from the list of projects displayed and click the Finish button believing your project would now be associated but still no luck. You will find that all commands are still disabled under “Team” menu except “Return online…”. Annoying huh…

In this situation we can notice that if we double click the source control from the Team Explorer window, nothing will show up in the Source Control Explorer window…arrrr

We can try cleaning the project, restarting the eclipse studio, etc.., but nothing helps and we continue to face this issue and the Team Explorer will continue its struggle trying to connect to the TFS Server.

Ok so what’s the solution then…well...In this situation, instead of spending more time researching on this issue, we can perform the following actions to restore source code binding with TFS:

1.       Delete the project (remove only) from eclipse studio (Important Note: Not physical delete of the project from the system)
2.       Restart Eclipse studio and connect to TFS server. This time you will notice that it connects successfully without any issues.
3.       From the Source Control Explorer, right click on your project and click Import… button.
4.       Provide appropriate details in the “Import Project from Team Foundation Server” wizard and…

Things are back to normal….
Hope this help you solve your problem…

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