Saturday, June 23, 2012

Issue installing Packages from Android SDK Manager

I was interested in testing my android application using different packages and tools that is available from the Android SDK Manager. I clicked the SDK Manager and I was presented with the tools/packages already installed in my system as well as those that are not installed into my system.

I selected the packages, accepted the licensing of the package and clicked the “Install (x) Packages…” button. The download started but after few seconds I noticed that the download and installation of the selected package was not successful and I got the “Connection reset” message in the log window. I wasn’t sure what could be the issue but I was able browse the internet.

After having googled about this issue, my colleague recommended to try the installation on another machine. I tried in one my colleague’s machine and saw that the download of the package and the installation succeeded. Next what I did is copied all these packages from the my colleagues system under the folder: <android-sdk-directory>/add-ons and copied to my system’s <android-sdk-directory>/add-ons directory. Then I restarted my Eclipse studio and opened the SDK Manager. I noticed all these packages marked as installed.
Hope this helps someone solve this type of issue…

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